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Raising a child with a disability is not an easy task.

As parents we have to constantly strive to help our children achieve success in all realms, especially the classroom.

I am here to help parents and students achieve success in the classroom by ensuring that all students who receive special education services are receiving the free and appropriate public education that they are entitled to under the Individuals With Disability Education Act or IDEA. I assist families by attending ARD meetings, 504 meetings, teacher conferences as well as review paperwork for compliance.

I also assist with resolution meetings and mediations as well as state and OCR complaints.

I conduct presentations for school districts as well as non profits and parent groups who are interested in learning more about the special education process.

If you need assistance with helping your child receive these services, or would like more information about rates, please contact Jennifer Fitzhugh M. Ed.

(210) 415-6098

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